Jimmie Davis: Solo Acoustic

     Jimmie Davis is an accomplished singer/ songwriter. During his musical journey, he has performed from coffee houses to arenas; bars to baseball stadiums. Jimmie's first taste of musical success came with local original favorites, Juliet’s Wishing Well, in which Jimmie performed as electric guitarist. Jimmie spent close to two years touring with the alternative band from New York to North Carolina; from Texas to Canada. In that time, they recorded the cd, high fashion, and shared the stage with various national acts such as Fuel, Cheap Trick, Sister Hazel, and 10,000 Maniacs

     Jimmie also spent many years performing as a solo acoustic artist, performing both covers and originals. As a  a solo artist, a highlight of Jimmie's musical adventures includes being selected to open for folk legend Richie Havens at the Rehoboth Beach Folk Festival. 

     Later, Jimmie's original band Hyper Maru was one of hundreds of independent bands across the nation that applied for inclusion in the video game, Pop Star Guitar, featuring songs by various artists such as Maroon 5, All American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, and Paramore. Not only were they chosen, their song “Wonder” is a feature song at the final stage of the video game.   

     As the bassist for Wilmington’s own Terretta Storm, Jimmie helped the original “rock ‘n’ soul” band gain notoriety in a very short time through live performances at venues such as The Queen at the World Live Café and the Rusty Rudder. In addition, the band was nominated for five Hometown Hero Awards and made a guest appearance on 93.7 WSTW. 

     Now, Jimmie has returned to performing in the style that suits him best: a solo artist simply with a microphone and a guitar. His live shows now feature over twenty years of original songs as well as a vast array of cover songs. “I’ve learned a tremendous amount from all of my musical endeavors” states Jimmie, “Each experience has shaped the vision for how I view performing each song. I want to give back what countless musicians have given to me- great music.”